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Metalcor® Catalyst Elements

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DCL manufactures a variety of thin-walled metallic catalyst elements for control of emissions from internal combustion engines and various environmental applications. DCL catalyst elements may be used on existing DCL housings or for replacement of catalyst in competitors’ housings.

DCL’s advanced high-volume and flexible manufacturing offers catalyst packaging companies and canning OEMs economical catalyst element solutions meeting the most demanding standards of design, performance and quality control.

For assistance with sizing and selection of the right catalyst element for your needs, contact a DCL applications engineer.


  • Thin walled metal cell structure available in a variety of cell densities for optimum emission performance and pressure drop.
  • Flexible manufacturing allows production of a variety of substrate shapes, including round, rectangular, octagonal, and race-tracked.
  • Premium grade metallic substrate structure capable of high temperature operation.
  • Catalytic coatings optimized for applications such as lean-burn oxidation, diesel oxidation, volatile organic compound (VOC) destruction, and three-way catalysts (NSCR – non-selective catalytic reduction).
  • Non-brazed designs available for light-duty and stationary applications.
  • Vacuum brazed substrates available for heavy-duty applications with high thermal and mechanical stress.



Applications include internal combustion engines, turbines, boilers, incinerators, fume abatement from coffee roasting equipment, ozone decomposition, and VOC abatement from wire enameling and other manufacturing processes.

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