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ROADWARRIOR® Diesel Particulate Filters – Retrofit

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DCL’s CARB verified DPF’s (brand name: ROADWARRIOR®) effectively remove diesel particles and diesel fumes from diesel engine exhaust emissions.


DCL’s ROADWARRIOR® diesel particulate filters are used to meet EPA or CARB mandated standards for particulate emissions for on-road diesel retrofit vehicles, or simply to improve the air quality when using on-road diesel engines.

See chart for emission control characteristics of DCL’s diesel particulate filters.

For assistance with sizing and selection of the right diesel particulate filter for your needs, contact a DCL applications engineer.


  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction.
  • Replaces the OEM muffler in most vehicles and includes customized exhaust tube or pipe connections.
  • Cordierite wall flow filter media.
  • Removable end disks allow easy access for filter cleaning.
  • Backpressure monitor with operator indicator lights.


Our diesel particulate filters work best in post-1994 model year on-road diesel engines, used in trucks and buses.

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